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  1. Applications.  Exam applications must be submitted online at

  2. Application Deadline. Applications must be submitted by the application deadline stated on the exam announcements. Only individuals serving on active duty in the Armed Forces during the exam application period may apply after the application deadline—and they must apply no later than 15 calendar days before the exam date.

  3. Examination Application Fee.  A fee of $20.00 is required for each separately-numbered examination for which you apply. A $30.00 fee is required when applying for the Police Officer or Firefighter examination.

    If you wish to pay by credit card, you must pay while submitting your application. Otherwise, send check or money order payable to City of Albany Treasurer. Include the exam number and last four digits of your social security number on the check, so we may attribute payment to the correct applicant. Payment may also be mailed to City of Albany Civil Service (24 Eagle Street, Room 301; Albany, NY 12207) or submitted in person in that office from 8:30am to 5:00pm on regular business days.

    No refunds will be made, so you are urged to apply only for examinations for which you are qualified. Please compare the position requirements listed on the exam announcement with your qualifications and experience.

    To pay by cash, applicants must bring their approval letter to the Albany City Treasurer’s Office (24 Eagle Street, Room 110; Albany, NY 12207), pay in cash—and then immediately bring the receipt to the HR/Civil Service Office in Room 301, so HR/Civil Service may note payment in candidate’s application. Civil Service employees will not accept cash. 

  4. Examination Application Fee Waiver.  Exam fees may be waived if you (1) are unemployed and primarily responsible for the support of a household, (2) currently receive Public Assistance, such as Temporary Assistance for Needy Families; Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children; Child Care Subsidy Program; or Section 8; (3) are a veteran and have never requested an exam fee waiver on the basis of your veteran status; or (4) graduated from a high school in Albany, NY (or obtained your High School Equivalency diploma while a City of Albany resident) within the last two years and have not requested a fee waiver in the last 12 months.

    You can request a fee waiver through the online application. You may also complete a Fee Waiver Request and Certification form and submit it to All claims for application fee waiver are subject to verification.

    You must request a fee waiver no later than 2 weeks after the application deadline.

  5. Application Approval or Disapproval.   Exam applicants are approved or disapproved to take the examination and will receive notification via email whether their application to take the exam has been approved or disapproved. Applicant statements are subject to verification and may not be verified until after the examination. Applicants later found to not meet the positions requirements will be disqualified from appointment. Inquiries may also be made as to character and ability of candidates.

  6. Admittance Notice. Exam applicants will receive an admittance notice via email (by close of business the Wednesday before the exam date) that states the location and time of the examination. Applicants should print this admittance notice (and those from cross-filing jurisdictions, if applicable) and bring it/them to the exam. Applicants should email if they do not receive an admittance notice.

  7. Failure to Appear for Exam.  Candidates who fail to appear for the exam as scheduled will be eliminated from further consideration for the competitive examination.

  8. Exam Preparation.  The New York State Department of Civil Service prepares test guides for some examinations. Those guides and other general information, such as “How to Take a Written Test” can be helpful in preparing for this test. These publication are available online at:

  9. Eligible List or List of Eligible Candidates.  Examinations are conducted to establish a Civil Service Eligible List that will be given to hiring managers to fill relevant vacancies. All candidates who pass the examination (i.e., receive a score of 70 or higher) will be placed on the eligible list. Unless otherwise specified, the final rank/order of the individuals on the eligible list will be on the basis of the scores received on the written test—plus Veterans Credits and Seniority Credits where appropriate. The eligible list established as a result of this examination will remain in force for at least one year.

  10. Special Testing Arrangements.  If you need special arrangements to take the examination for one of the reasons outlined below, please indicate within your examination application and provide supporting documentation to the Civil Service Office via If you have already submitted your application and need to request special testing arrangements, please explain your request in detail in an email to and attach supporting documenting.

    • Religious Observance.  Most written exams are held on Saturdays. If you cannot take the exam on the announced date due to a conflict with a religious observation or practice, you may request to take the examination on the first business day following the exam date (which is usually Monday).

    • Reasonable Accommodation for Individuals with a Disability.  A reasonable accommodation will be made for individuals with a disability during the application and examination process. You must provide documentation as to the accommodation you need to apply for and/or take the examination.

    • Other Reasons.  An alternate exam date may also be granted for one of the following reasons with appropriate supporting documentation:
      • A death in the immediate family or household within the week preceding the exam date.
      • Medical emergencies involving the candidate or member(s) of the candidate’s immediate family.
      • Military Orders (a copy of the orders is required).
      • Wedding if applicant is a member of the wedding party or an immediate family member of the bride or groom.
      • Vacation for which a non-refundable down payment was made before the exam announcement was issued.

  11. Cross-Filing and/or Taking Multiple Exams on the Same Day. You cross-file (i.e., arrange to have your exam score count for multiple jurisdictions) or arrange to take multiple, separately-numbered exams on the same test date by indicating it within your application.

    If your application has already been submitted and you wish to cross-file with the City of Albany, send an email to with your name, exam, that you wish to cross-file with the identified locality/jurisdiction(s), and where you want to sit for/take the exam. Follow the procedure established by the other local jurisdictions to arrange cross-filing with other places. You must request to cross file with the City of Albany no later than 2 weeks after the exam application deadline.

    You must call or write to each municipality or civil service agency individually to make arrangements to cross-file.

    Please note that individuals who are taking an examination for New York State in addition to other local jurisdictions must take all examinations at the New York State location. Call the New York State Department of Civil Service via 518-474-6470 or 877-697-5627 [press 2, then press 1].

  12. Exam Content. The areas tested on each examination are listed in the exam announcement.

  13. Calculators. Unless otherwise notified in the exam announcement, candidates are permitted to use quiet, hand-held, solar or battery powered calculators.

  14. Prohibited Items. Cell phones, dictionaries, firearms, highlighters, language translators, reference material, study guides, and similar material/items are prohibited in the civil service exam.

  15. Examination Scoring and Rating. This exam is prepared and rated by the NYS Department of Civil Service—and as such, the provisions of NYS Civil Service Law, rules, and regulations dealing with the preparation and rating of examination will apply to this examination.

    In accordance with section 23[2] of the NYS Civil Service Law, only the NYS Department of Civil Service may correct errors in the scoring or rating of its examination. Candidates may, however, request in writing for the Civil Service Office to verify the accuracy of the candidate’s reported score.

  16. Veterans Credits.  Applicants must request the application of Veterans Credits while submitting their application or within 2 weeks of the examination date. Veterans Credits will not be added after the establishment of an eligible list.

    If you are claiming Veterans Credits, you must indicate it within the exam application, answer all questions accurately and completely, and submit the DD-214 form. Candidates who are currently serving in the Armed Forces of the United States on a full-time active duty basis (other than active duty for training) may file for Veterans Credits by providing documentation of active duty status.

    If you are claiming credits as a disabled veteran, the United States Department of Veterans Affairs must also certify that you were disabled in the actual performance of duty in a war, that the disability is rated at ten percent or more, and that the disability existed at the time of application for appointment or promotion.

    All requests for Veterans Credits must be verified and all statements you make in support of your claim for Veterans Credits are subject to investigation and substantiation by the City of Albany Civil Service Office. In the event of subsequent discovery of any material misstatement or fraud in your claim, your appointment may be rescinded and you may be disqualified from further appointment to any position on which you have been granted additional credits.

    Effective January 1, 2014, additional Veterans Credits may be granted to veterans who (1) used non-disabled Veterans Credits to obtain a civil service appointment or promotion with New York State or a local government, and (2) were certified by the US Department of Veterans Affairs as having a service connected disability rated at 10% or more after that civil service appointment.

    Requests for use of veterans credits and supporting documentation must be provided within 2 weeks after the exam was held.

  17. I have no idea what you are talking about. An introductory presentation on civil service and examinations can be accessed here.

1For our purposes, “veteran” means a person who has served in the United States armed forces (i.e., army, navy, air force, marine corps, and coast guard) or reserves “or in the army national guard, air national guard, New York guard, or the New York naval militia, and who (1) has been honorably discharged or released from such service under honorable conditions, or (2) has a qualifying condition, as defined in section three hundred fifty of the executive law, and has received a discharge other than bad conduct or dishonorable from such service, or (3) is a discharged LGBT veteran, as defined in section three hundred fifty of the executive law, and has received a discharge other than bad conduct or dishonorable from such service.”

The City of Albany is an Equal Opportunity Employer