Job Specifications

The City of Albany Human Resources Department is responsible for maintaining a position classification plan covering all the civil divisions under its jurisdiction. Job specifications are formal written statements which define the duties and responsibilities of the job, list typical work activities, specify the knowledge, skills, abilities and personal characteristics required for successful performance of the work and identify minimum qualifications required at the time of appointment. Job specifications are not complete descriptions of any single job and cannot and do not include all of the work that might be appropriately performed by an individual in the position. These job specifications are for informational purposes and are subject to modification and updating as needed. Please note that the City is not currently recruiting for all positions. To view information regarding positions with upcoming exams, please click the appropriate tab above.


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Account Clerk CSC 7-25-01 Final.pdf
Account Clerk II CSC 3-26-03 Final.pdf
Account Specialist CSC 6-26-19 Final.pdf
Accountant (Treasurer's Office) CSC 11-29-07 Final.pdf
Accountant I (AHA) CSC 6-26-02 Final.pdf
Accountant I (ASD) CSC 10-8-03 Final.pdf
Accountant I (Comm. Dev.) CSC 3-26-03 Final-2.pdf
Accountant II CSC 3-30-16-Final.pdf
Accountant II (AHA) CSC 12-2-10 Final.pdf
Accountant II (City of Albany) CSC 6-29-11-Final.pdf
Accountant III CSC 12-27-06 Final.pdf
Accountant III (ASD) CSC 7-31-02 Final.pdf
Accounting Assistant (Dept. of Water & Water Supply) - CSC 12-18-18 Final.pdf
Adjudication Clerk CSC 7-29-15.pdf
Administrative Assistant (ASD) CSC 11-30-05 Final.pdf
Administrative Assistant - CSC 6-27-18.pdf
Administrative Assistant-Finance (ASD) CSC 1-29-20 Final.pdf
Administrative-Payroll Coordinator- CSC 1-29-20.pdf
Aftercare Worker - Truancy Prevention Program - CSC 1-26-05 FINAL.pdf
Analyst CSC 2-27-13 Final.pdf
Animal Control Officer CSC 07-28-04 Final.pdf
Anti-Violence Coordinator CSC 6-25-14 Final.pdf
Assessment Aide-CSC 2-28-18 Final.pdf
Assistant Chief Water Treatment Plant Operator - CSC 9-30-20 FINAL.pdf
Assistant Chief of Central Maintenance (AHA) - CSC 4-26-06 FINAL.pdf
Assistant Corporation Counsel - CSC 8-29-17.pdf
Assistant Director of Administration (APA) - CSC 1-29-20.pdf
Assistant Director of Facilities - CSC 2-18-20.pdf
Assistant Director of Operations (DGS) - CSC 12-1-14.pdf
Assistant Director of School Campus and Neighborhood Security CSC 12-18-18 Final.pdf
Assistant Fiscal Officer - CSC 9-25-02 FINAL.pdf
Assistant Forester - CSC 8-29-17 FINAL.pdf
Assistant Human Resources Administrator (ASD) CSC 10-3-18.pdf
Assistant Library Director IV (APL) - CSC 4-26-06 FINAL.pdf
Assistant Operations Manager - CSC 8-26-15 Final.pdf
Assistant Public Information Officer - CSC - 10-26-16.pdf
Assistant School District Treasurer -CSC 12-18-19.pdf
Assistant School Lunch Director - CSC 2-18-20.pdf
Assistant Superintendent of Construction CSC 6-26-02 Final.pdf
Assistant Systems Specialist - CSC 9-29-09 FINAL.pdf
Assistant Treasurer CSC 12-1-10 Final.pdf
Assistant to Family Self-Sufficiency Coordinator (AHA) CSC 1-28-04 Final.pdf
Assistant to the Rental Assistance Program Coordinator (AHA) CSC 1-30-08.pdf
Associate Computer Software Technician - CSC 10-24-17 FINAL.pdf
Associate Counsel (Albany Housing Authority) CSC 4-17-12 Final.pdf
Asst Dir of School Campus and Neighborhood Security CSC 7-30-08 Final.pdf
Athletic Trainer CSC 12-01-14 FINAL.pdf
Athletics Manager CSC 2-3-16 FINAL.pdf
Auditor - CSC 1-31-18 FINAL.pdf
Auto Mechanic Junior Grade CSC 11-20-02 FINAL.pdf
Auto Mechanic Senior Grade CSC 10-25-00 FINAL.pdf
Automotive Mechanic CSC 1-6-16 FINAL.pdf
Automotive Mechanic Helper CSC 1-6-16 Final.pdf
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Boxing Aides - CSC 12-10-02 FINAL.pdf
Boxing Coach- CSC 2-27-19 FINAL.pdf
Boxing Director - CSC 11-6-02 FINAL.pdf
Budget Director 2-21-17 Final.pdf
Budget Manager - CSC 6-27-18 Final.pdf
Building Facilities Coordinator CSC 10-25-00 Final.pdf
Building Facilities Engineering Technician CSC 10-25-00 Final.pdf
Building Information Clerk - CSC 11-17-04 Final.pdf
Building Inspector CSC 2-28-01 Final.pdf
Building Maintenance Worker - CSC 1-6-16 FINAL.pdf
Building Services Supervisor CSC 2-11-21 FINAL.pdf
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CAI Instructor.pdf
Carpenter CSC 1-6-16Final.pdf
Case Manager-CSC 10-30-19.pdf
Cashier (AHA) - CSC 1-30-02 FinaL.pdf
Cashier -1-6-16 CSC Final.pdf
Central Registrar (ASD) - CSC 7-30-03 Final.pdf
Central Registrar Clerk (ASD) - CSC 7-30-03 Final.pdf
Chief Accountant - CSC 5-29-19 Final.pdf
Chief Budget Manager CSC 12-18-19.pdf
Chief Diversity Officer CSC 12-27-17.pdf
Chief Financial Manager - CSC 3-31-21.pdf
Chief Fiscal Officer (Albany Public Library) - CSC 5-27-09 Final.pdf
Chief Fiscal Officer (Various City Departments) - CSC 7-28-04 Final.pdf
Chief Information Technology Officer - CSC Final 7-25-12.pdf
Chief Labor Supervisor CSC 4-29-15.pdf
Chief Reservoir Patrol Guard - CSC - 10-26-16 Final.pdf
Chief Water Treatment Plant Operator (Type 1A Plant) CSC 5-30-18.pdf
Chief of Operations CSC 12-18-19.pdf
Civil Engineer.pdf
Claims Management Clerk - CSC 1-27-10 Final.pdf
Cleaner - Final.pdf
Cleaner 1-6-16-CSC- Final.pdf
Clerical Aide - CSC 7-25-01 final.pdf
Clerk I - CSC 7-25-01 final.pdf
Clerk II - CSC 4-26-17 Final.pdf
Clerk III - CSC - 5-27-09 Final.pdf
Clerk Typist I - CSC 8-29-01 final.pdf
Clerk Typist II - CSC 8-29-01 final.pdf
Clerk-Stenographer II.pdf
Clinical Counselor - CSC - 8-29-07 Final.pdf
Code Enforcement Inspector - CSC 11-30-11.pdf
Code Enforcement Inspector Trainee - CSC 11-30-11.pdf
Commissioner of Public Safety- CSC- 10-06-2021 FINAL.pdf
Communications Coordinator-CSC-12-29-21.pdf
Communications Specialist - CSC 5-30-18 Final.pdf
Community & Services Support Specialist CSC 4-24-18 FINAL.pdf
Community Aide - CSC 7-29-96 FINAL.pdf
Community Center Activities Monitor 1-30-02.pdf
Community Development Outreach Specialist CSC 12-27-17.pdf
Community Development Specialist CSC 1-30-08 Final.pdf
Community Engagement Clerk 10.25.23.pdf
Community Engagement Coordinator (AHA) CSC 11-19-20.pdf
Community Engagement Coordinator CSC 7-30-14 FINAL.pdf
Community Engagement Team Liaison CSC 11-24-15 FINAL.pdf
Community Outreach Coordinator CSC 12-27-17.pdf
Community Relations Coordinator - CSC 3-25-15 Final.pdf
Community School Curriculum Coordinator.pdf
Community School Site Coordinator 2-22-17.pdf
Community Service Worker.pdf
Community Services Coordinator (AHA) CSC 1-30-08.pdf
Community Services Coordinator - CSC 6-26-02 Final.pdf
Community Services Worker (AHA) - CSC 1-30-02 Final.pdf
Compliance Coordinator - CSC 10-31-18 Final.pdf
Compliance Manager (Section 8)- CSC 3-31-21.pdf
Compliance Officer - CSC 9-25-02 Final.pdf
Computer Programmer (ASD) - CSC 10-27-04 FINAL.pdf
Computer Support Technician (APL) - CSC 5-26-04 final.pdf
Confidential Legal Secretary - 2-24-21 Final.pdf
Confidential Personnel Administrator - CSC 10-31-18.pdf
Confidential Secretary - CSC - 3-25-15.pdf
Confidential Secretary to the Commissioner.pdf
Construction Manager - CSC 11-19-20.pdf
Courier (AHA) CSC 1-30-02 Final.pdf
Couriers CSC 11-6-02 Final.pdf
Creative Content Coordinator - CSC 8-29-18 FINAL.pdf
Creative Content Specialist- CSC 06-29-21.pdf
Crime Analyst Supervisor - CSC 2-28-06 Final.pdf
Crime Analyst_Revised_2-28-24.pdf
Cross Connection Control Inspector CSC 3-28-12 Final.pdf
Custodian - CSC 9-25-02 Final.pdf
Customer Contact Specialist (Water Dept.) CSC 4-22-09 Final.pdf
Customer Service Clerk, CSC 8-26-15.pdf
Customer Service Manager (APA) - CSC 11-19-20 Final.pdf
Customer Service Supervisor - CSC - 3-30-16 Final.pdf
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Data Entry Operator - CSC 10-24-01 Final.pdf
Database Manager (ASD) - CSC 2-27-02 Final.pdf
Database Manager CSC 6-26-13 Final.pdf
Deputy Budget Director CSC 11-20-19..pdf
Deputy Chief City Auditor CSC 9-27-17.pdf
Deputy Chief Inspector CSC 11-24-15.pdf
Deputy Chief Labor Supervisor CSC 4-29-15.pdf
Deputy Chief of Fire, Emergency and Bldg Services ### CSC 10-8-03 Final.pdf
Deputy Chief of Police ### - CSC 10-8-03.pdf
Deputy City Clerk - CSC 5-31-17 Final.pdf
Deputy Commissioner Of Water And Water Supply.pdf
Deputy Commissioner of Administrative Services - CSC 12-18-18.pdf
Deputy Commissioner of Development and Planning - CSC 10-25-01 FINAL.pdf
Deputy Commissioner of Recreation - CSC 1-31-18 Final.pdf
Deputy Commissioner of Youth and Workforce Services.pdf
Deputy Director Of Traffic Engineering.pdf
Deputy Director of Community Development.pdf
Deputy Director of Information Technology CSC 2-18-20.pdf
Deputy Director of Planning - CSC - 1-25-17.pdf
Deputy Police Chief.pdf
Deputy Purchasing Director - CSC 2-24-10 Final.pdf
Deputy Registrar of Vital Statistics - CSC 8-29-18 Final.pdf
Development Director (APL) - CSC 4-27-04 final.pdf
Director of AHA Security Operations - CSC 3-31-10 Final.pdf
Director of Accounts (AHA) CSC 5-29-02 Final.pdf
Director of Administration (APA) - CSC 1-29-20.pdf
Director of Buildings and Regulatory Compliance - CSC 5-27-15.pdf
Director of Business Operations (ASD) CSC 5-26-10 Final.pdf
Director of Code Compliance (AHA) - CSC 4-24-02 Final.pdf
Director of Communications-6-30-03 Final.pdf
Director of Community Development.pdf
Director of District Community Schools (ASD) 9-27-23.pdf
Director of Enrollee Services 4-26-17.pdf
Director of Facilities I - CSC 10-29-14 final.pdf
Director of Facilities Planning - CSC 12-21-16 FINAL.pdf
Director of Fiscal Operations (Public Safety) - CSC 6-27-01.pdf
Director of Housing & Community Development.pdf
Director of Housing and Finance Development Programs(AHA) CSC 1-15-03.pdf
Director of Information Technology and Communications-CSC 7-24-11 Final.pdf
Director of Information Technology-AHA - CSC 11-19-20.pdf
Director of Maintenance (AHA) - CSC 6-23-04 Final.pdf
Director of Management Operations.pdf
Director of Neighborhood Revitalization CSC 1-30-08 Final.pdf
Director of Operations (DGS) - CSC 12-1-14.pdf
Director of Parking Violations Bureau - CSC 5-28-14.pdf
Director of Payroll & Procurement - CSC 1-6-21.pdf
Director of Public Housing Development - CSC 9-29-15 Final.pdf
Director of Purchasing.pdf
Director of Safe Schools and Violence Prevention (ASD) 8-30-06.pdf
Director of School Security CSC 1-29-20 Final.pdf
Director of Special Events# - CSC 3-31-21.pdf
Director of Sustainability- CS- 10-06-2021 Final.pdf
Director of Traffic Engineering.pdf
Director of Transportation (ASD) CSC 12-18-19.pdf
Dispatch Administrator - CSC 11-28-18 final.pdf
Dispatcher - CSC 1-5-15 final.pdf
Domestic Violence Case Coordinator, CSC 8-25-05 Final.pdf
Domestic Violence Intake Specialist - CSC 9-26-01 Final.pdf
Draftsman - CSC 2-24-10 Final.pdf
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Economic Developer 1-30-08 CSC Final.pdf
Educational Television Production Assistant.pdf
Electrical Inspector CSC 11-24-15 FINAL.pdf
Electrician - CSC 11-29-16 Final.pdf
Emergency Services Communications Manager - CSC 11-19-20.pdf
Employment & Training Specialist - CSC 8-26-15 Final.pdf
Employment and Training Specialist School Success 9-17-06.pdf
Energy Manager (ASD) CSC 11-29-07 Final.pdf
Energy Manager- CSC 10-06-21 Final.pdf
Engineer - CSC 1-5-15 Final.pdf
Engineering Aide I.pdf
Engineering Aide II - CSC 3-25-98.pdf
Engineering Aide III-CSC 3-26-14 Final.pdf
Engineering Assistant I & II CSC 1-28-09 Final.pdf
Engineering Project Manager - CSC 10-25-00 FINAL.pdf
Environmental Eng Tech Supervisor CSC 3-30-11 Final.pdf
Environmental Engineering Technician 5-30-18 Final.pdf
Environmental Engineering Technician Trainee CSC 8-28-08 Final.pdf
Environmental Specialist CSC 10-26-16 Final.pdf
Equipment Operator I - CSC 06-27-17 FINAL.pdf
Equipment Operator II - CSC 01-06-16 FINAL.pdf
Equipment Operator III - CSC 6-24-20 FINAL.pdf
Event Assistant - Special Events CSC 3-26-04 Final.pdf
Executive Assistant (APA) CSC 2-18-20.pdf
Executive Assistant to the Commissioner-CSC-2-21-17.pdf
Executive Assistant to the Mayor CSC 12-27-17.pdf
Executive Deputy Chief Fire E,BS ### CSC 10-8-03.pdf
Extended Day Learning Coordinator CSC 7-29-15 Final.pdf
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Facilites Foreman - CSC 7-25-12 Final.pdf
Facilities Manager (APA) CSC 1-29-20.pdf
Facilities Manager (APL) CSC 5-27-09 Final.pdf
Family Engagement Coordinator CSC 7-31-19 FINAL.pdf
Family Self-Sufficiency Coordinator - CSC 2-28-01 final.pdf
Federal Housing Finance Manager - CSC 11-19-20.pdf
Federal Housing Rehabilitation Program Manager - CSC 11-19-20.pdf
Field Construction Monitor I - final - CSC 6-23-04 Final.pdf
Field Construction Monitor II - final- CSC 6-23-04.pdf
Filter Plant Supervisor.pdf
Finance Counselor - CSC 5-23-01 FINAL.pdf
Finance Manager (AHA)- CSC 6-24-15 Final.pdf
Finance-Compliance Officer- CSC 12-27-17.pdf
Financial Analyst - CSC 5-27-20 FINAL.pdf
Fire Alarm Superintendent.pdf
Fire Alarm-Intercom Technician (ASD) CSC 10-27-04-Final-RES.pdf
Fire Battalion Chief - CSC 04-28-21 FINAL.pdf
Fire Captain - CSC 05-25-21 FINAL.pdf
Fire Lieutenant - CSC 1-25-06 FINAL.pdf
Firefighter - CSC 2-3-16 FINAL.pdf
Fiscal Analyst - CSC - 12-21-16 FINAL.pdf
Food Service Helper.pdf
Forester - CSC 2-29-12 final.pdf
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Gang Prevention Coordinator - CSC 9-26-01 Final.pdf
Gardener CSC 9-21-11 Final.pdf
General Counsel 2-24-21.pdf
General Mechanic # CSC 2-23-05 Final-Res.pdf
Geographic Information Systems Mapping Technician CSC 12-19-07 Final.pdf
Geographic Information Systems Specialist - CSC 1-6-16 FINAL.pdf
Golf Course Superintendent - 2-24-21 Final.pdf
Grant Implementation Assistant - CSC 7-31-02 FINAL.pdf
Grant and Compliance Officer 4-7-17.pdf
Grants Project Coordinator- CSC 2-27-19 FINAL.pdf
Grants Writer - CSC 1-28-04 FINAL.pdf
Groundsperson - CSC 11-28-07.pdf
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HOPE VI Casework Counselor (AHA) (Spanish Speaking) - CSC 4-24-02 FINAL.pdf
HOPE VI Coordinator (AHA) - CSC 1-30-02 FINAL.pdf
HOPE VI Grant Implementation Assistant - AHA Review 7-02.pdf
HOPE VI Manager Community Support Services.pdf
HOPE VI Relocation Aide.pdf
HVAC Systems Mechanic - CSC 5-21-03 Final.pdf
Hall Monitor.pdf
Head Custodian - ASD - CSC 12-18-18 FINAL.pdf
Health Care Aide (Disabled Students) CSC 11-20-02.pdf
Heavy Equipment Mechanic 6-30-03 Final.pdf
Heavy Vehicle Maintenance Manager-CSC 4-27-04 Final (pdf).pdf
Heavy Vehicle Mechanic 6-30-03 Final.pdf
Help Desk Aide I (AHA)-CSC 11-30-11 Final.pdf
Help Desk Technician (City of Albany) CSC 11-30-11 Final.pdf
Home-School Coordinator.pdf
Hostler -CSC-10-30-03 FINAL.pdf
Housing Administrator-Section 8 Program - CSC 7-31-02 FINAL.pdf
Housing Assistance Supervisor.pdf
Housing Authority Development Manager - CSC 6-26-02 FINAL.pdf
Housing Authority Eligibility Coordinator CSC 1-27-21.pdf
Housing Authority Inspector - CSC 2-28-01 Final.pdf
Housing Eligibility Assistant - CSC4-24-18.pdf
Housing Outreach Specialist.pdf
Housing Program Intake Specialist CSC 11-19-20.pdf
Housing Program Manager- CSC 1-27-21.pdf
Housing Saftey Aide.pdf
Housing Services Advocate CSC 1-29-20.pdf
Human Resouce Generalist 3-29-17 CSC FINAL.pdf
Human Resources Administrator (ASD) CSC 8-29-12.pdf
Human Resources Generalist I- CSC 11-20-2019.pdf
Human Resources Generalist II CSC 11-20-2019.pdf
Human Resources Generalist III - CSC 6-24-20.pdf
Human Resources Office Supervisor CSC 1-6-16 Final.pdf
Human Resources Specialist CSC 8-29-17.pdf
Human Resources-Finance Manager (APL) - CSC 4-26-06 FINAL.pdf
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Industrial Hygiene Safety Specialist CSC 8-26-15 Final.pdf
Information Clerk CSC 8-30-00 Final (2).pdf
Information Clerk II CSC 2-23-05 Final.pdf
Information Clerk III CSC 12-27-17.pdf
Information Technology Manager (APL) CSC 8-26-15 Final.pdf
Information Technology Specialist CSC 6-25-14.pdf
Information Technology Specialist I - CSC 1-5-15.pdf
Information Technology Specialist II - CSC 1-5-15.pdf
Instructional Computer Technician (ASD) CSC 08-24-21 Final.pdf
Insurance Manager (AHA) Revision AHA 07.28.21 Final.pdf
Insurance Technician CSC 1-6-16 Final.pdf
Intake Specialist - Truancy Prevention CSC 9-29-04 Final.pdf
Internal Auditor.pdf
Internal Claims Auditor - Exempt Class.pdf
Inventory Control Manager CSC 10-26-16.pdf
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Job Training Specialist CSC 2-25-04 Final.pdf
Junior Accountant (AHA) CSC 6-26-02 Final.pdf
Junior Analyst- CSC 11-28-18 FINAL.pdf
Junior Engineer CSC 10-30-02 Final.pdf
Junior IT Business Systems Analyst CSC 1-16-19.pdf
Junior Water Plant Instrument Technician-CSC 7-22-09 Final (pdf).pdf
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Keyboard Specialist CSC 8-29-18 final.pdf
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Labor Foreman.pdf
Labor Sub-Foreman (AHA).pdf
Labor Sub-Foreman- 1-6-16-CSC- Final.pdf
Labor Supervisor CSC 9-29-15.pdf
Laboratory Director (Water) CSC 7-30-14 Final.pdf
Laboratory Technician - CSC 10-29-14 FINAL.pdf
Laborer I - CSC 04-28-21 Final.pdf
Laborer III - CSC 04-28-21 FINAL.pdf
Landfill Maintenance Repair Worker - CSC 9-28-10 Final.pdf
Landfill Superintendent.pdf
Landscaper Foreperson - CSC 6-26-02 FINAL.pdf
Lead Hazard Reduction Grant Program Manager 10-28-20 CSC.pdf
Lead Hazard Reduction Program Director 10-28-20 CSC.pdf
Librarian I - CSC 1-16-19 Final.pdf
Librarian II - CSC 1-16-19 Final.pdf
Librarian III -CSC 1-16-19 Final.pdf
Library Assistant (APL) - CSC 5-1-19.pdf
Library Clerk (APL) - CSC 1-29-20 final.pdf
Library Director IV (APL) - CSC 4-26-06 FINAL.pdf
Library Page - CSC 5-26-10 Final.pdf
Licensed Automotive Inspector-1-6-16- CSC-Final.pdf
Licensed Wastewater System Operator - CSC 8-13-20.pdf
Lifeguard -1-6-16-CSC-Final.pdf
Line Clearance Tree Trimmer -2-28-18 -CSC - FINAL.pdf
Locker Room Attendant - 1-6-16-CSC - Final.pdf
Lunch Aide.pdf
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MWBE - Fair Housing Coordinator-CSC-3-29-17-FINAL.pdf
Maintenance Assistant # - CSC 2-23-05 Final-Res.pdf
Maintenance Foreperson CSC 7-31-02 FINAL.pdf
Maintenance Manager (APA) CSC 4-29-20.pdf
Maintenance Manager (APL) - Pending.pdf
Maintenance Mechanic CSC 7-31-02 FINAL.pdf
Maintenance Superintendent I (AHA) - CSC 6-28-06 Final.pdf
Maintenance Technician CSC 8-29-18 FINAL.pdf
Maintenance Worker - CSC 7-31-02 FINAL.pdf
Mapping Technologist - CSC 8-29-17.pdf
Mapping Technologist Assistant - CSC 9-30-20.pdf
Marketing & Stakeholder Coordinator - CSC 5-29-19.pdf
Mason-1-6-16 - CSC-Final.pdf
Meter Technician - CSC 5-1-19 Final.pdf
Microfilm Aide - CSC 3-26-14 Final.pdf
Modernization Program Coordinator CSC 7-31-02 FINAL.pdf
Modernization Project Manager (AHA) - CSC 3-31-10 FINAL.pdf
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Neighborhood Specialist CSC 3-29-23.pdf
Neighborhood Stabilization Coordinator CSC 11-29-16-Final.pdf
Network Administrator - CSC 6-27-18.pdf
Network Administrator AHA 7-14-05.pdf
Network Engineer (ASD), CSC 10-26-05 FINAL.pdf
Network Support Specialist AHA - CSC 7-15-05 Final.pdf
Network-System Technician (City of Albany) - CSC 11-30-11 Final.pdf
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Occupancy Clerk - CSC 3-31-21.pdf
Office Assistant (Albany Housing Authority) - CSC 4-25-07 Final.pdf
Office Manager CSC 1-29-20.pdf
Office Supervisor - CSC 1-28-15 FINAL.pdf
On-Street Operations Manager CSC 03-25-15.pdf
Operating Engineer.pdf
Operations Aide(AHA) CSC 7-28-04 Final.pdf
Operations Manager - CSC 1-5-15 Final.pdf
Outreach Coordinator - CSC 12-01-14 FINAL.pdf
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Painter - 1-6-16-CSC-Final.pdf
Painter II -1-6-16- CSC -Final.pdf
Paralegal - CSC 10-26-16.pdf
Parking Garage Attendant - CSC 5-1-19 Final.pdf
Parking Garage Attendant II - CSC 2-18-20.pdf
Parking Lot Attendant.pdf
Parts Clerk-1-6-16- CSC - Final.pdf
Payroll Administrator CSC 07-29-15 Final.pdf
Payroll Assistant 12-20-89.pdf
Permit Technician CSC 6-21-16 Final.pdf
Planner CSC 2-20-02 Final.pdf
Planning Unit Recycling Coordinator - CSC 12-1-14.pdf
Plumber - CSC 03-26-14.pdf
Plumbing Inspector CSC 1-31-07 Final.pdf
Police Cadet CSC-4-29-20 Final.pdf
Police Commander(s) - CSC 3-31-04 FINAL.pdf
Police Lieutenant CSC 4-24-02 Final.pdf
Police Officer (Spanish Speaking) CSC 8-30-06 Final.pdf
Police Officer CSC-7-24-13 Final.pdf
Police Sergeant CSC 6-12-03 Final.pdf
Principal Account Clerk CSC 1-30-02 Final.pdf
Principal Payroll Administrator CSC 1-16-19.pdf
Principal Planner - CSC 3-25-15 Final.pdf
Program Aide - CSC 2-24-21 Final.pdf
Program Data Specialist CSC 2-22-06-Final.pdf
Program Director of Summer Youth 2-24-16.pdf
Program Statistician - Police - CSC 8-29-01 FINAL.pdf
Program Technician - Warrant Control CSC 1-26-06 Final.pdf
Project Coordinator - CSC 1-31-18 Final.pdf
Project Development Assistant- CSC 3-31-21.pdf
Project Management Director CSC 12-20-17.pdf
Project Manager - CSC 3-25-20.pdf
Property Manager CSC 12-27-17.pdf
Public Information Officer (ASD) - CSC 6-24-09 Final.pdf
Public Information Specialist - CSC 9-29-15.pdf
Public Relations Coordinator(Special Events) CSC 4-25-07 Final.pdf
Public Service Officer CSC 3-25-15 Final.pdf
Public Service Officer Supervisor - CSC 1-31-18.pdf
Public Works Foreperson CSC 12-18-19.pdf
Public Works Inspector - CSC 7-31-19.pdf
Purchasing Agent (AHA) CSC 3-29-06 Final.pdf
Purchasing Agent - ASD.pdf
Purchasing Agent - CSC - 1-6-21.pdf
Purchasing Clerk, CSC 7-29-96.pdf
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Quality Assurance Program Manager CSC 5-1-19 FINAL.pdf
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Real Property Appraiser CSC 5-26-10 Final.pdf
Real Property Technician - CSC 3-30-05 Final.pdf
Receptionist - CSC 3-25-15 FINAL.pdf
Recertification and Collections Manager (AHA) - CSC 8-27-14 Final.pdf
Records Administrator (ASD) - CSC 3-31-10 Final.pdf
Records Assistant (Investigations) 8-29-07 Final.pdf
Records Manager - CSC 1-31-18 FINAL.pdf
Recreation Administrative Assistant (2).pdf
Recreation Administrator AHCC - CSC 10-24-01 FINAL.pdf
Recreation Aide CSC 9-29-04 Final.pdf
Recreation Assistant -1-6-16- CSC - Final.pdf
Recreation Facility Manager 10-27-21 Final.pdf
Recreation Field Manager 10-27-21 Final.pdf
Recreation Operations Manager - CSC 11-25-14 FINAL.pdf
Recreation Program Coordinator - CSC 12-01-14 FINAL.pdf
Recreation Program Director.pdf
Recycling Coordinator.pdf
Recycling Specialist CSC 6-24-15 Final.pdf
Recycling and Waste Transfer Driver - CSC 3-2001.pdf
Refuse Equipment Operators (Operating Engineer).pdf
Rehabilitation Specialist II - CSC 8-30-16 Final.pdf
Relocation Coordinator - CSC 3-31-21.pdf
Rental Assistance Program Coordinator (AHA) CSC 8-29-07.pdf
Reservior Patrol Guard-1-6-16- CSC - Final.pdf
Resident Employment Counselor (AHA) - CSC 6-26-02 FINAL.pdf
Risk Assessor - CSC 10-28-20.pdf
Risk Manager (AHA) - CSC 6-26-02 FINAL.pdf
Roofer (ASD) CSC 10-27-04-Final.pdf
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STEM Workforce Advisor - CSC 10-29-14.pdf
Safety Officer 2-25-04.pdf
Sanitation Equipment Operator - CSC 5-30-18.pdf
Sanitation Worker CSC 04-28-21 Final.pdf
Scale House Operator - CSC 11-20-02.pdf
School Campus & Neighborhood Security Officer - CSC 7-29-20 FINAL.pdf
School Crossing Officer - CSC 3-28-01 FINAL.pdf
School Crossing Officer Supervisor - CSC 3-25-15.pdf
School District Treasurer -CSC 12-18-19.pdf
School Lunch Director (ASD)-CSC 1-29-20 Final.pdf
School Lunch Manager (ASD) CSC 3-26-03 Final.pdf
School Monitor.pdf
School Success Coordinator - CSC 11-19-03.pdf
School Volunteer Coordinator-Final.pdf
School Works Coordinator CSC 8-29-01 Final.pdf
Science Materials Management Clerk (ASD) CSC 8-28-02 Final.pdf
Secretary (Corporation Counsel) - CSC 3-27-02 FINAL.pdf
Secretary to the Chief of Police.pdf
Secretary to the Exec Director - AHA.pdf
Security Officer - CSC 10-24-01 FINAL.pdf
Senior Account Clerk CSC 1-30-02 Final.pdf
Senior Accountant (Formerly Chief Auditor)-Draft.pdf
Senior Accountant (Treasurer's Office) - CSC 11-30-11 Final.pdf
Senior Architect (ASD) 3-26-04 Final.pdf
Senior Asset Manager CSC 10-30-13 Final.pdf
Senior Audit Clerk CSC 6-26-02 Final.pdf
Senior Benefits Administrator - CSC 10-31-18.pdf
Senior Building Inspector CSC 3-29-06 Final.pdf
Senior Civil Service Administrator CSC 3-28-18.pdf
Senior Clerk CSC 5-30-18 Final.pdf
Senior Code Enforcement Inspector CSC - 2-3-16.pdf
Senior Custodian (ASD) CSC 10-25-06 Final.pdf
Senior Customer Contact Specialist CSC 8-26-15 Final.pdf
Senior Drafting Technician CSC 9-25-02 FINAL.pdf
Senior Economic Developer CSC 11-30-05 Final.pdf
Senior Electrical Inspector CSC 2-24-04.pdf
Senior Employment & Training Specialist - CSC 10-29-14 FINAL.pdf
Senior Engineeering Project Manager- CSC 1-30-08-final.pdf
Senior Finance Counselor - CSC 12-27-17.pdf
Senior Hall Monitor - CSC 10-29-08.pdf
Senior Housing Authority Inspector - CSC 1-27-21.pdf
Senior Housing Eligibility Assistant - CSC 1-27-21.pdf
Senior Human Resources Generalist 7-25-18 CSC FINAL.pdf
Senior Lab Technician - CSC 4-30-14 FINAL.pdf
Senior Library Clerk (APL)- CSC 6-23-04 final.pdf
Senior Network System Technician - CSC 2-18-20.pdf
Senior Office Assistant (Albany Housing Authority) - CSC 5-30-07 Final.pdf
Senior Payroll Administrator CSC 1-16-19.pdf
Senior Planner CSC 3-25-15 Final.pdf
Senior Planning Project Manager CSC 4-29-20.pdf
Senior Plumbing Inspector CSC 2-27-19 Final.pdf
Senior Project Manager - CSC 3-25-20.pdf
Senior Rehabilitation Specialist - CSC - 8-30-16.pdf
Senior Superintendent of Construction CSC 6-23-04 Final.pdf
Senior Technology Support Specialist (ASD) CSC 7-31-02 Final.pdf
Senior Technology Support Specialist - CSC 8-27-14 FINAL.pdf
Senior Traffic Technician 7-25-18 CSC FINAL.pdf
Senior Water Maintenance Repair Worker - CSC 11-28-18 FINAL.pdf
Senior Water Plant Operator CSC 5-23-12 Final.pdf
Senior Water Treatment Plant Operator CSC 6-28-06 Final.pdf
Server Administrator (ASD) - CSC 11-29-07 Final.pdf
Sewage Pump Operator-1-6-16 - CSC- Final.pdf
Sewer Maintenance Foreman-CSC 1-28-15 Final.pdf
Sewer Maintenance Repair Worker - CSC 2-3-16 Final.pdf
Sign and Graphics Director 10-28-20 CSC.pdf
Site Monitors-Summer Youth 2-24-16.pdf
Social Work Field Instructor CSC 9-23-14 Final.pdf
Software & Administrative Support Specialist CSC 3-31-21 FINAL.pdf
Special Assistant (Grants) CSC 12-27-17.pdf
Special Events Communications Coordinator - CSC-11-22-21 Final.pdf
Special Events Coordinator - CSC 1-5-15 FINAL.pdf
Special Events Operations Manager-CSC-11-22-21 Final.pdf
Spray Technician CSC 4-29-15 Final.pdf
Staff Assistant - CSC 4-26-17 Final.pdf
Starter - Ranger.pdf
Statistical Unit Supervisor CSC 9-29-04 FINAL.pdf
Stores Clerk (AHA) CSC 6-26-02 Final.pdf
Stores Clerk-1-6-16-CSC- Final.pdf
Stores Keeper(AHA) CSC 2-25-04 Final.pdf
Stores Manager (AHA).pdf
Stormwater Program Manager CSC - 10-26-16.pdf
Substance Abuse Community Relations Associate 7-02.pdf
Summer Inspector CSC 5-1-19 FINAL.pdf
Superintendent of Sanitation Services - CSC - 2-21-17.pdf
Superintendent of Water Metering CSC 11-29-06 Final.pdf
Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds CSC 6-26-13 Final.pdf
Supply Clerk CSC 5-1-19 Final.pdf
System Administrator (ASD) - CSC 7-31-19 Final.pdf
Systems Specialist - CSC 11-29-07 Final.pdf
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Team Leader - CSC 12-01-14 Final.pdf
Technical Programs Analyst (AHA) - CSC 6-26-02 FINAL.pdf
Technical Security Specialist - CSC 11-17-04 Final.pdf
Technology Coordinator - CSC 12-20-17.pdf
Technology Support Specialist (ASD) - CSC 7-31-02 FINAL.pdf
Technology Support Specialist - CSC 8-27-14 FINAL.pdf
Teen Ambassador(s) I - CSC 10-29-08 Final.pdf
Teen Ambassador(s) II, III - CSC 10-29-08 Final.pdf
Teen Center Director - CSC 10-25-00 FINAL.pdf
Telecommunications Senior Dispatcher - CSC 10-30-13 Final.pdf
Telecommunications Shift Supervisor - CSC 11-28-18 Final.pdf
Telecommunications Specialist (Spanish Speaking) CSC 8-30-06 Final.pdf
Telecommunications Specialist - CSC 11-30-05 (2).pdf
Teleconference Training Center Coordinator (AHA) - CSC 1-30-02 FINAL.pdf
Tenant Patrol Aide CSC 11-6-02 Final.pdf
Traffic Engineering Electrician-CSC-7-31-02 FINAL.pdf
Traffic Safety Aide CSC 3-25-15 Final.pdf
Traffic Technician-CSC-6-27-17 FINAL.pdf
Transportation Analyst CSC 12-18-19.pdf
Transportation Supervisor (ASD) CSC 6-23-04 Final.pdf
Truck Driver-ASD - CSC 11-20-02 Final.pdf
Turf Manager (ASD) - CSC 11-29-07 Final.pdf
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Vacant Apt Prep Crew Foreperson (AHA) CSC 6-26-02 FINAL.pdf
Vacant Buildings Rehabilitation Specialist CSC 6-25-14 Final.pdf
Vehicle Maintenance Coordinator CSC 2-27-19.pdf
Vehicle Maintenance Manager-CSC 8-29-17.pdf
Victim Assistance Coordinator - CSC - 2-29-12 Final.pdf
Violence Prevention Coordinator CSC 10-25-23.pdf
Vital Statistics Specialist - CSC 10-31-18 Final.pdf
Volunteer Coordinator (APL) CSC 1-31-18.pdf
Volunteer Coordinator (ASD) - CSC 1-8-10 Final.pdf
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Wage Center Program Manager (AHA) - CSC 1-30-02 FINAL.pdf
Watchperson -11-28-18- CSC-Final.pdf
Water Control System Manager CSC 9-28-05 Final.pdf
Water Distribution System Mechanic - CSC 9-24-08.pdf
Water Facilities Manager - CSC 10-26-16 FINAL.pdf
Water Maintenance Foreman - CSC 3-29-06 Final.pdf
Water Maintenance Repair Worker - CSC 1-29-20 FINAL.pdf
Water Meter Reader -1-6-16- CSC - Final.pdf
Water Meter Service Worker - CSC 01-06-16 Final.pdf
Water Plant Instrument Technician - CSC 2-3-16.pdf
Water Plant Maintenance Mechanic - 2-24-21-CSC-Final.pdf
Water Treatment Plant Assistant Operator-1-6-16 CSC-Final.pdf
Water Treatment Plant Attendant -1-6-16- CSC - Final.pdf
Water Treatment Plant Operator-1-6-16- CSC -Final.pdf
Watershed Forester - CSC - 11-28-18 Final.pdf
Watershed Manager - CSC 10-26-16 FINAL.pdf
Watershed Operations Technician- CSC- 11-22-21.pdf
Web Assistant CSC 12-01-14 Final.pdf
Web Developer (APL) 6-23-04 FINAL.pdf
Web Developer - CSC 1-5-15.pdf
Webmaster CSC 6-26-13 Final.pdf
Weightlifting Instructor CSC 5-22-02 FINAL.pdf
Workforce Investment Board Executive Director- CSC 3-25-15 Final.pdf
Workforce Investment Liaison - CSC 11-17-04 Final.pdf
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Youth Aide - At Risk - CSC 4-24-18 CSC FINAL.pdf
Youth Outreach Coordinator CSC 11-28-18 -Final.pdf
Youth Program Facilitator CSC 2-21-17 Final.pdf
Youthbuild Coordinator - CSC 9-26-01 FINAL.pdf